Published Mar 08, 2022

How to recognize a real Chanel bag from a fake one?

Found a Chanel Timeless in perfect condition for $300 on OfferUp? Don't waste your money before reading our guide.

Chanel bags are a fantasy for many women and men who are interested in fashion. It is the object of desire for some, a social status for others. In any case, it leaves you dreaming.

But when you want to buy a Chanel bag after months of saving, you can think second hand. Sure, it's tempting, a Chanel Timeless at half price or a Boy at 30% off. But be careful! On sites where ads are not verified (eg eBay, Depop ...), vigilance is required. Especially for bags like these, which can reach 4 figures.

In this article, we show you the basics of how to recognize classic counterfeit bags. In another article we will tell you about the "super replica" which are exact copies of the bags of the big houses, which can reach 3 to 4 figures at purchase.

Follow our guide to know how to recognize a real bag from a fake Chanel bag from pictures. 

1. The quality of the leather 

From photos, you can recognize the quality of a beautiful leather from the house. 

Chanel uses two leathers on its bags (except exotic): 

- Lamb leather is a relatively expensive skin and is recognized by its supple, fine and light appearance. The pores of the leather are very tight and not very apparent. 



- The caviar leather is a grained leather typical of the house of Chanel. It is often made of grained lamb leather. Caviar leather is known to give a 3D and bouncy look to the rhombuses of Chanel bags. It is the most resistant leather at Chanel.